Brunch. It’s a mix of the words “breakfast” and “lunch,” both in the word itself and what it means: an eclectic array of foods that fit both meal types. But brunch has more social, indulgent connotations, including the promise of spending time satisfying the soul. Brunch is the week’s reset button. Capturing this feeling in a brunch franchise investment is well worth considering.

The Origins of Brunch

Before discussing the best brunch franchise opportunities, let’s look at the history. Where did this most delightful of meals originate?

As with many popularized culinary traditions, beginnings are often difficult to pinpoint. Some credit English hunt breakfasts, which fed hunters lavish spreads after a morning hunt. Other historians believe brunch is a Catholic creation, the generous meal after Sunday morning mass for which devout Catholics would fast.

It’s believed brunch arrived in the United States in the 1930s, when Hollywood stars taking the train from New York to L.A. would stop in Chicago for a midday meal, mostly at hotels since many restaurants were closed on Sundays. Restaurants soon took notice and enticed patrons away from the hotels with the promise of mimosas, bellinis, and bloody marys. There’s also some inference that the classic brunch dishes of Eggs Benedict, bagels and lox, and many others came from New York dining spots competing for the brunch crowd’s attention.

What Makes Brunch Special?

Something specific about brunch makes it superlative—otherwise, we’d call any restaurant meal with friends and family “brunch.” What is it about this meal in particular that’s so special?

We usually grab breakfast on the fly, if we eat it at all. Indulging at a brunch franchise is extraordinary because it’s permission to slow down, take time to relax, and revel in good company and flavorful food.

It’s late start also implies an element of sleeping in, a luxury itself. Dining at a brunch restaurant franchise continues the luxury, allowing us to savor and not squander the feeling.

A brunch restaurant’s menu items should be numerous enough for us to feel spoiled. Thick, fluffy waffles with mouth-watering toppings, Eggs Benedict, a variety of meats, in-season fruits, and egg-based dishes with flair—all of these are better than the typical toast, eggs, and bacon of a common day.

Having a diversity of menu choices helps those who have unique dietary requirements. A brunch franchise with an extensive menu can fulfill the requirements of even large groups with little fuss, canceling the “no” vote.

Brunches have an appeal beyond a restaurant meal. They feel special, so they’re suitable for special occasions. Brunches feel indulgent, so celebrating occasions at a brunch restaurant feels appropriate. 

What Creates a Flourishing Brunch Franchise?

For a brunch franchise to thrive, it must have the type of menu people consider brunch fare. It might be surprising to learn that Huddle House has just such a menu. While certain menu items are location-specific, many staples of brunch are staples at Huddle House, including:

  • Fresh fruit.
  • Waffles and pancakes with indulgent toppings.
  • Bakery items like fresh biscuits, blueberry muffin bites with frosting, and a variety of toast options.
  • Different meat choices, including country ham, pork or turkey sausages, and bacon.
  • Innovative egg dishes like the Homestyle Huddle Bowl or Southwestern Bowl.
  • Unique choices, like stuffed hashbrowns, that straddle the breakfast and lunch line.

While the only things missing from a traditional brunch offering are the cocktails, Huddle House makes up for it with rich hot chocolate, bottomless coffee, and plenty of juice choices that it doesn’t feel like anything’s missing at all—especially not for those folks who don’t drink in the daytime anyway.

An incredibly vital piece of the brunch franchise puzzle is something Huddle House has in spades: the extremely friendly customer service in a welcoming atmosphere. Such customer service is a pillar of the Huddle House business model, treating customers like family. 

Owning a Huddle House Brunch Franchise

Operating a Huddle House means joining a brand whose franchise model is designed to elevate franchise owners’ success. We do everything we know how to make operating a Huddle House brunch franchise as rewarding and smooth as possible.

It starts with support, including operating distribution centers strategically placed nationwide to help control the supply chain critical to our restaurants. We keep the quality of our ingredients top-notch—another feature of a successful brunch franchise—and the prices of our inventory as low as possible so our menu prices remain affordable for our customers.

We also support our franchisees from a place of experience, because we have skin in the game. With our corporate-owned Huddle House locations, we see at the store level what works and how best to apply our processes across all of our locations. When we all work as a team, everyone wins. 

If your area could benefit from a brunch franchise with a lot of heart, fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call us to learn how you can become the next Huddle House franchise owner!