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At Huddle House, we believe franchise restaurant opportunities are gateways to the American Dream. Why? Because in our nearly-60 years in business, we’ve seen it happen countless times, in countless ways.

As a franchisor, we know that our franchise owners put in real time and real money to realize their goals, and we take this incredibly seriously. Helping our franchisees thrive in business is not only the most rewarding thing we do but also our number one priority as a brand.

As such, we’ve honed our business model to make it easy for our franchise owners to achieve their American Dream. All they need to do is follow our proven systems and put in the work.

So huddle up and see how we can help you bring your dreams into reality with a franchise restaurant opportunity with Huddle House.

Comprehensive Support with a Huddle House Franchise Restaurant Opportunity

It’s all about support that feels like family at Huddle House, from when there’s a signed franchise agreement.

Many of our franchise owners come to us with experience with other franchise systems, sometimes in different industries, sometimes with other franchise restaurant opportunities behind them.

We have listened to them and improved our support structure so the Huddle House franchise restaurant opportunity is one of the best available anywhere. The feedback tells us we’re on the right track.

“We own several franchise concepts, and Huddle House has far and away the best training and support. In fact, our most recent grand opening for our new Huddle House was the easiest one we’ve ever done across all of our brands. The level of support we receive from corporate is just phenomenal. They truly care about our success, and that’s not always the case in the franchise industry. With Huddle House, we feel like we have a partner.”

Charity Platter, operator of multiple Huddle House franchises in West Virginia.

What Franchise Support Should Be

From the moment a prospective investor becomes a franchise owner with Huddle House, they become part of our family.

The Huddle House franchise is more than a franchise restaurant opportunity—it’s an opportunity to chase dreams, and we start our franchisees off right with the very best franchise model that includes:

Initial Training – Franchise owners begin their Huddle House comprehensive training with both classroom and hands-on training to cover all aspects of running their hometown franchise. This training covers everything from operations, marketing, accounting, inventory management, and more.

Ongoing Training – Training doesn’t stop after the first round. It’s continuous throughout the Huddle House pre-opening phase and beyond the grand opening. We continuously support our franchise owners with regular visits from our Franchise Area Directors. We also provide regional training sessions and 24/7 technical support to troubleshoot any issues the minute they arise.

Real Estate and Site Selection – Choosing the right location is paramount to the success of your new Huddle House franchise. This is why we use demographics data and market analysis, as well as our decades of experience in site selection, to help you find the ideal location. We offer franchise owners expert guidance throughout the entire lease negotiation to build-out process.

Marketing and Advertising Support – Huddle House didn’t become a nationwide pioneer of all-day breakfast without having a powerhouse marketing team. Now, our marketing team develops and implements campaigns to drive business to franchise owners at the System and local levels. Huddle House gives franchise owners access to our entire library of marketing materials, including print and digital collateral, social media content, and email marketing campaigns.

Supplier Relations and Purchasing Power – Over the decades, Huddle House has built strategic relationships with vendors, and we’ve also set up distribution centers to cover supply chains for our franchise locations across the country. Through this, we’ve developed purchasing power and favorable pricing strategies to benefit our franchise owners for improved profitability, stable supplies, and reliable quality control.


Huddle House: Explore Our Franchise Restaurant Opportunities

We understand this franchise restaurant opportunity because Huddle House corporate is in the exact same business as our franchise owners—we own and operate over 50 of our hometown locations.

We relate to our franchise partners at a foundational level, regarding the fees (the same for company and franchised restaurants) and profits.

This means we understand the pain points of running a restaurant. We also see where improvements can be made and test those improvements to ensure they work. We know where we can do better.

Our corporate-owned restaurants are the testing ground for new initiatives, and we invite our franchise owners to test right along with us if desired. We take our responsibilities seriously and always endeavor to thoroughly test everything before rolling because your success is ours.

The Huddle House’s commitment to providing comprehensive support at every level of the business model is what has helped our franchisees achieve the American Dream for decades.

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