Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions about how to start a restaurant business with Huddle House.

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    Am I Qualified to Own a Huddle House?

    If you’re passionate about pursuing your dream and are committed to mastering our franchise model, you already match many of the qualities that have helped some of our existing franchise owners thrive! People with restaurant experience have a leg up on those without, but the experience is unnecessary. 


    We seek financially qualified investors with a minimum liquidity of $250,000 and a net worth of $500,000. These numbers give entrepreneurs the minimum investment capital they need to start a restaurant business on the best possible footing, especially in the pre-opening phase.

    What experience do I need to start a restaurant business with Huddle House?

    e’re looking for savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about owning a full-service restaurant. Our business model is designed for scalability, so we encourage entrepreneurs who are interested in multi-unit ownership to franchise with us.

    How much will becoming a franchise owner with Huddle House cost me?

    The total investment necessary to begin your Huddle House franchise journey is between $576,310 and $1,421,175, which includes the $35,000 franchise fee. The expenses behind these numbers are outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Item 7.

    Is financing available to start a restaurant business with Huddle House?

    While we’d love to be able to help everyone who seeks to become a Huddle House franchisee with their financing, it’s just not feasible; our expertise is in running great restaurants! However, depending on your geographical area, we may be able to pass on the names of financial institutions with whom some of our other franchise owners have worked as a courtesy.

    Are there ongoing fees to pay?

    Part of what helps make our franchise model so helpful to our franchise owners is our ability to create cohesive marketing strategies, staff our 24/7 technical support helpline, and build an incredible support program for our franchise owners. Fees are an essential piece that enables us to do that, so franchise owners can expect a percentage of gross sales as a royalty fee paid to Huddle House as part of starting a restaurant business with us.

    Here are the fees associated with owning a Huddle House franchise:
    Royalty fee- 4.75% of the Net Sales
    Advertising fee – 3% of the Net Sales
    Local Advertising Requirement – 1% of the Net Sales

    These fees are detailed in the FDD and discussed during the discovery process.

    What level of support can I expect upon signing a franchising agreement with Huddle House?

    Huddle House has some of the best support in the restaurant franchise industry. From initial training, where you will learn every aspect of our business model, to site selection, build-out, and Grand Opening support, Huddle House is there every step of the way. In addition, Huddle House franchise owners receive comprehensive marketing support and ongoing menu innovation to ensure their customers are excited to return. Huddle House offers tremendous support to keep you on the cutting edge of business and ensure you have all the resources you need to thrive.

    What is the term of the agreement?

    The first term of our franchise agreement lasts for 15 years, with the option for three additional five year terms.

    What is the ideal location of a Huddle House franchise?

    Historically, small towns have really embraced Huddle House! Maybe it’s our homestyle vibe, our Southern hospitality feel, or our roots in small-town America nearly 60 years ago. No matter the reason, suburban diners of all ages love our menu.

    However, we’re also finding that people in larger, more densely populated places love a delicious homestyle meal and a place to relax as well, so we’re expanding into new markets across the nation. These locations are backed by plenty of market research and demographic data, and we’re very excited to meet our new neighbors!

    If I believe a specific location would be perfect to start a restaurant business with Huddle House that’s outside of available territories, can I submit it for consideration?

    Yes! We’d love to hear from you! Many of our current locations were believed to be optimal by the franchise owners who approached us first, and we’re open to considering many often unconventional locations. It’s part of what’s made Huddle House such a beloved nationwide brand!