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From humble origins as a neighborhood restaurant to a dynamic national chain with over 275 locations open nationwide – Huddle House is a brand with staying power.

Huddle House opened in 1964 as a place where the community of Decatur, Georgia could gather, or “huddle” after games and on weekends. At the time, high school football was a way of life, and there wasn’t a restaurant where the community could go after the fourth quarter wrapped up. Huddle House didn’t take long to become the favorite local hangout.

We’ve stayed true to our roots with millions of fans and hundreds of locations open in 25 states. We’re proud that the reason people come to Huddle House in 2023 is the same reason they came to Huddle House in 1964, to share a great meal with people they love at a place that treats them like family.

Becoming an Iconic Restaurant Franchise

Once word got out that Huddle House was a hit with the local Decatur community, other entrepreneurs didn’t take long to ask if they could get in on the action.

Huddle House started offering restaurant franchises in 1966, and the brand quickly grew into a regional chain. By focusing on hearty, wholesome, homestyle meals at reasonable prices, staff that went the extra mile to make guests happy, and staying open nights and weekends, Huddle House won over one community after another.

And despite everything that has happened in the last 60 years, from recessions to global pandemics, Huddle House has always stayed true to what we do best: serving great food with kindness.

This is exactly why Huddle House restaurant franchise remains a compelling investment opportunity in 2023. Great food and great service never go out of style.

Huddle House: A Brand Apart

Any brand that’s been in business for over 60 years in getting something right. A track record is the mark of an agile business that changes with time and adjusts accordingly.
How have we built a brand with such staying power?

An Economically Resilient Restaurant Franchise

It’s no secret that owning a business of any kind is a challenge. When times get tough, businesses that aren’t rooted in what customers love, don’t provide value to the communities they serve, and don’t have strong leadership to weather the storms are gone in a flash.

Huddle House is the rare type of restaurant franchise that has proven to be economically resilient.

Even when Americans are cautious with spending, Huddle House customers continue to visit us thanks to our value prices.

During economic growth, we see our regulars more frequently, and we gain new customers.
No matter the economy, Huddle House restaurant franchise is a business that’s designed to flourish.

We Serve All Four Dayparts

Any meal, any time. That’s more than a slogan for us. Breakfast through dinner, we’re here all day long.

Unlike other breakfast brands, Huddle House isn’t limited to breakfast. We serve all four dayparts, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks, and we do it all day long.

While our breakfast menu is our bread and butter, we serve a wide variety of delicious lunch and dinner fare including burgers, sandwiches, bowls and wraps, homestyle dinners, appetizers, and desserts. We also serve children’s meals. Our menu has something for everyone and can satisfy any craving. This means that Huddle House cancels the “no” vote in a way other brands cannot.

Huddle House is dedicated to the American Dream by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to own restaurant franchises that become the heart of every hometown.

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