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Being in business for over 60 years affords you a perspective that most brands never get to have. In that time, Huddle House has seen many brands come and go, and we’ve also learned what it takes for the best breakfast restaurant franchise opportunity to rise to the top.

While there is no exact formula for success in the restaurant industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping our franchise owners achieve their American Dream while owning restaurants that become part of the fabric of their communities.

Building One of the Best breakfast Restaurant Franchises Around

Huddle House has created a long legacy of helping entrepreneurs thrive in business. We’re proud that our track record includes franchise owners who have been with us for decades and that many of our franchise owners are multi-unit owners.’

This track record includes creating incredible brand loyalty. Our customers are die-hard brand champions, and many of our customers make Huddle House a part of their daily lives. It’s an incredible honor to know that by franchising, we’ve impacted many lives, created many opportunities, and strengthened hundreds of communities.
So How did we get here?

Strong Supply Chain

Huddle House has strategically positioned distribution centers nationwide to service our franchise owners and their hometown locations, even in smaller towns where our restaurants might be the only dining option. Because of this, we can stabilize our supply chain, elevate our food quality, and leverage purchasing power with vendors to keep our menu prices reasonable no matter the economic climate.

Flexible Business Model

Other brands compete for the same real estate in large markets that are oversaturated with restaurants. While those brands repeatedly compete for the same customers, we’re looking elsewhere.

Small towns and mid-sized markets are often underserved and overlooked; this is precisely where Huddle House thrives. This has earned us significant customer loyalty while giving our franchise owners access to prime target audiences in underserved areas. They choose us because we choose them.

Huddle House also focuses on nontraditional locations like travel plazas and truck stops. Our iconic menu and warm, inviting atmosphere is the perfect fit for travelers who are searching for a quality meal as a break from the road.

Our franchise model fits the following location types:

  • In-line
  • End cap
  • Freestanding
  • Restaurant conversion
  • Truck stop/travel plaza

This flexibility lends itself incredibly well to scaling up for multi-unit franchise ownership, as we can take advantage of the best real estate opportunities in the markets we serve.

Continued Innovation Drives Sales

Staying relevant as a brand for over 60 years is no small feat. By focusing on continued menu innovation, Huddle House can give our customers exactly what they crave and stay ahead of culinary trends without losing sight of what makes us exceptional: our ability to serve food with kindness.

Our franchise owners have been able to ride the waves of the economy because our customers ride with us.

We’ve also leveraged technology and restaurant innovation to keep up with the best breakfast restaurant franchises in the nation. We’re agile, and we pivot as needed.

For example, during the COVID pandemic, we successfully launched ghost kitchen concepts to help drive sales and connect with new customers. Our franchise owners leveraged available labor and inventory and harnessed the power of online and app ordering and third-party mobile delivery to maintain revenue.

Joining One of the Best breakfast Restaurant Franchises in the Game

At Huddle House, we are excited to continue awarding franchises to exceptional entrepreneurs who are passionate about their future and are ready to secure their American Dream.

Many of our franchise owners come to us from other franchise systems and are impressed by the amount of support and training they receive from all of our corporate support departments.  Our franchise support is the complete package, with everything from real estate expertise, initial training, ongoing coaching and field support research and development, menu innovation, cutting-edge marketing support, and beyond.

We’re ready to help you become a hometown hero with your own Huddle House franchise. Are you ready to join one of the best restaurant franchises in the nation, where we bring friends & family together, over delicious food, served from the heart? Contact us today!

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