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    Why You Should Visit Before You Buy

    These days, consumers have the ability and resources to check out products before they commit to buying. Whether it’s the “try before you buy” through Amazon, taking a car for a test drive, or doing a trial membership at a gym, it’s best to see...

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    Leadership Skills Necessary in Owning A Franchise

    According to Ascent Hospitality Management CEO Michael Abt, the most important thing for being a franchise owner is to be present. Period. He encourages franchise owners to not “phone it in,” but to place themselves on the frontlines of their...

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    Gen Z and Their Relationship With Breakfast

    If you were born between 1993 and 2003, then you’re what they call Generation Z, Gen Z, Zoomers, or the group that followed Generation Y or Millennials. Gen Z has a special relationship with breakfast, so we’ve pulled some interesting tidbits to...

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    How Franchising Helps You Build a Family Legacy

    When we start a family, we often think of the future and how we can create something that will last through the next couple of generations and beyond. How can we provide our family financial stability, while also building a legacy? Business...

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    Our Perkins Culture

    Many people speak of culture in the workplace these days, especially after the global pandemic. A large number of people used the time to reflect on their lives, work, and where they held their priorities. The Great Resignation that unfolded in...

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    The Growth in Breakfast as Centerplate Demand

    You know the phrase, “Breakfast for dinner.” Well, Perkins has breakfast available for dinner or any time of day that you crave. Breakfast is a hot segment and continues to grow in popularity. According to a Consumerist report, a National...

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