Giving customers a reason to rave about their experience has been a goal of dinner franchises for as long as restaurants have been in business. In today’s market, customers are savvier than ever, making it more of a challenge to earn their loyalty.

The average dinner restaurant franchise needs more than gimmicks to get a customer’s attention. A limited promotion will only go so far, and some dinner franchises can lose money—like Red Lobster in 2003 when the price of snow crab legs skyrocketed during their All-You-Can-Eat snow crab legs campaign, netting them a $3 million loss.

The Customer Service Experience Goes Beyond the Dinner Franchise

Even the best dinner franchise isn’t competing with only restaurants these days; they’re competing across industries with every company that’s ever provided consumers with a stellar customer experience.

Greet people by name at their favorite shoe store and remember their shoe size without asking, and guests will feel special. If an online ordering experience for a computer goes flawlessly, it sticks in the mind. That is the experience that makes a restaurant successful.

Today’s brands—in the restaurant industry and beyond—are aware that the key to consumers’ hearts—and their spending habits—is to be as personalized as possible. It’s why coffee shops and bakery cafés have rewards programs through apps. They can only get names, purchase frequency, and order history data if customers swipe or tap for those sweet reward points. 

Still, customers are selective about which apps they’ll download. Only brands they trust win that honor. So how can dinner franchises gain that trust? By nailing the customer experience from the beginning and getting it right for every visit.

3 Ways for Dinner Franchises to Give a Great Customer Experience

While it may sound complex, it boils down to just three key requirements that create a fantastic experience for dinner franchise customers. 

A Warm Welcome

Whenever possible, greet guests by name. If their name isn’t available, a warm welcome is never unappreciated. You may still recognize them as a regular customer, and a friendly, “Welcome back. Your usual table?” could go a long way!

Additionally, knowing things about guests, like which one prefers flavored creamer with their coffee and who needs ketchup with their hash browns and hot sauce with their scrambled eggs, can save servers time when bringing orders to tables and show attention to detail. 

If you don’t know them as a regular, provide the best service your dinner franchise is reputed to offer. Show them what your restaurant is capable of, and hopefully, they’ll be back so you can learn their preferences.

A Versatile Menu

Serving great-tasting food goes without saying. No one goes to a dinner franchise for mediocre fare. What makes guests happy are menus that have variety without being overwhelming. Having foods that are sure to “hit the spot” of most cravings, in portions large enough not to leave guests wanting is critical to excellent menus.

It’s also vital to have distinctive choices that span a multitude of dietary requirements. Some people may be after comfort foods, while others are interested in lighter fare. There may be guests with dietary restrictions who are limited as well.

A versatile menu that serves up classic dishes as well as innovative flavors will have something for everyone.

Excellent Value

Yes, people are willing to pay a premium for high-quality ingredients, especially when they trust the source. A dinner franchise that serves fresh, quality food with a smile that prices their menu items affordably will find their customers extremely loyal.

Today’s economy is a challenge to many, especially families and younger generations starting their professional lives. When they discover a dinner franchise that provides good value with quality food where they can relax, it’s like finding a diamond among coal. Given multiple menu options, guests may return frequently and rotate their orders.

The Dinner Franchise that Excels at the Customer Experience: Huddle House

Is there a dinner franchise that accomplishes this already? There is! For 60 years now, Huddle House has been greeting customers we know by name, bringing “the usual” to tables (along with the preferred accompaniments), and making our guests feel as welcome as family.

We do this while offering a menu full of classic dishes alongside innovative new flavors, all at excellent value to satisfy nearly any craving.

Not only are our customers happy, but our franchise owners are, too, because we’re an affordable dinner franchise with a bright future that offers support like no other franchise we know. Once our franchisees sign with us, we bring them into the Huddle House family and provide:

  • Initial Training both in the classroom and hands-on in a Huddle House location, so you learn all you need to run your franchise seamlessly. It covers operations, administration, technology, marketing, and more.
  • Ongoing training throughout the startup phase and beyond the grand opening. Our Franchise Area Directors continue with on-site visits and regional training sessions to keep supporting franchise owners. The 24/7 technical support troubleshoots any immediate concerns.
  • Site Selection guidance is vital to your Huddle House’s future growth, so we offer our experience and demographic data to help you find the ideal location and provide advice through build-out.
  • Marketing and advertising from one of the nation’s pioneers of the all-day breakfast is no small thing. Huddle House campaigns drive business to locations across our franchise system, and franchise owners can access our marketing collateral, social media, and email marketing for all their needs.
  • Supplier relations and purchasing power are some ways Huddle House has maintained our affordable menu pricing. We’ve also built distribution centers to ensure food quality and supply chain strength, and our franchise owners benefit.

Serving great food at an exceptional value while treating our guests like family is the Huddle House mission. If this sounds like your kind of dinner franchise investment, call us today or fill out the form below to begin your journey as the next Huddle House franchisee!