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    In 2022 our per-unit volume for the Top 10% was



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    Nearly 60 Years of Success as an All-Day Breakfast Concept
    Almost 300 Units in the U.S. (open or in development)
    4 Day Parts to Support Revenue
    Flexible Footprints, Venues, & Locations
    Innovative Virtual Kitchen Offerings increasing profit without increasing overhead

    Now is a great time to invest in a Huddle House Franchise.

    In the $285 billion breakfast category, Huddle House stands out as a wise investment.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    $558,035 to $1,443,175

    Total Investment Estimate


    Minimum Liquid Capital


    Franchising Fee

    A Flexible Business Model to Help Owners Thrive

    Huddle House offers a flexible business model that allows our franchise owners to capitalize on prime real-estate opportunities in their markets.

    Our concept thrives in a variety of formats, including:

    End cap
    Restaurant conversion

    Breakfast Franchises Are Big Business

    Forbes is predicting that the breakfast restaurant segment is on its way to “roaring back,” which is good news for what has long been referred to as “one bright spot” of the restaurant industry: the breakfast segment.

    Bake Magazine reports that breakfast is a “crucial driver of total restaurant traffic, which has fully recovered from pandemic losses.”

    CNNC states that “people are still buying breakfast even as they cut back on other things.”
    Restaurant Business reports, “breakfast is a great daypart for operators to capitalize on. Meals are centered on comfort foods that are easy to prepare, ingredients can be used across an array of dishes—boosting versatility while minimizing food cost—and the breakfast menu is populated with crowd-pleasers customers clamor for.”


    Huddle House franchise owners benefit from a wildly popular lunch and dinner menu.

    Unlike other breakfast brands, Huddle House isn’t limited to breakfast. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner — all day long — and often, all night, too! While our breakfast menu is our bread and butter, we serve a wide variety of other meals.

    Delicious lunch fare including burgers, sandwiches, wraps and bowls
    Homestyle dinner entrees, family meals, appetizers and desserts.
    We also serve kids meals!

    Our menu has something for everyone and can satisfy any craving. This means that Huddle House cancels the “no” vote in a way other brands cannot.

    This is what we mean when we say any meal, anytime!

    We’re Growing Fast

    With the demand skyrocketing for full-service restaurants that deliver both incredible food and service, it should come as no surprise that Huddle House is in a period of rapid growth.

    However, if you believe your area would be well-served by a Huddle House location, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always happy to bring our Huddle House hospitality to a location where it’s needed most.

    We Support Our Franchise Owners


    Exceptional Initial Training
    Ongoing Training and Support
    Marketing and Advertising Support
    Supplier Relations
    Real Estate and Site Selection
    Innovative Technology

    Huddle House Franchise Owners Open Up

    “I’ve owned several businesses, from hotels to convenience stores, and I always wanted to own a restaurant. We looked at a lot of different concepts, but ultimately fell in love with Huddle House because it’s exactly what our community needs. We’ve been growing ever since we opened our doors.”


    “We own several franchise concepts, and Huddle House has far and away the best training and support. In fact, our most recent grand opening for our new Huddle House was the easiest one we’ve ever done across all of our brands. With Huddle House, we feel like we have a partner.”


    “Huddle House is a reasonable investment to get into, especially in comparison to other full service concepts. You don’t need a crazy portfolio, you don’t need to be backed by private equity. You just need to build a great team and hire the right people. The support that Huddle House provides is great. I love being a part of Huddle House.”



    Steps to Ownership

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    We’ll get to know each other further and share details on how we help you to succeed.

    Complete Candidate Profile (10 Mins)

    Once completed we will:
    · Send you the FDD
    · Introduce you to lending contacts
    · Start the preliminary real estate trade analysis

    Schedule FDD review (30 - 45 mins)

    Speak with a Franchise Development Representative.

    Operational Interview with Brand President and COO

    Complete your operational interview and have an in-depth conversation about your goals and answer any questions you may have about our brand to determine if we are a great fit!

    Franchise Agreements

    Upon mutual agreement, we will send you your Franchise Agreement.

    YOU are a Franchisee of Huddle House!

    Plug into our brand, and aggressively start the site selection, construction of your location, training, and onboarding process!

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